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Follow up on the Viking Century Trunk

I just wanted to follow up with more pics of this awesome bag. It hasn't come off my bike since I put it on. It great!

Product Review- Viking Century Trunk

Several years ago I removed the back seat and sissy bar from my motorcycle to give it a cleaner look. I love how it looks but have had a difficult time find a bag or trunk that would fit securely and also allow for easy access to the stuff inside while secured. In the process of looking for the perfect bag I came across the Viking Century Trunk bag. The bag was priced more than reasonable and having ordered from Viking in the past, I knew that their customer service was bar none. Go check them out, if you haven't already!

When the bag arrived, I could tell it was good quality. The leather and stitching was high quality and the bag was solid and reinforced. Doesn't look like there's any chance of it sagging overtime. A couple side pockets and an organizer inside out to help keep small items from disappearing at the bottom. The bag is also lockable, which is uncommon for leather bags, but awesome for anyone carrying expensive equipment or gear. 
Yesterday I finally got a chance to test it out for the first time (there's been snow on the ground) and I am more than pleased with the bag. It mounted on to the bike with a small strap around the rider backrest and two bungies strapped to the fender struts. It took no longer than a minute to secure it to the bike. After the bag was secured, I packed some camera equipment and some extra gear and headed east into the Colorado plains to watch the sunset over the rockies. The bag didn't shuffle or adjust at all during the ride. Although I didn't have a lot of weight in the bag, it was completely unnoticeable throughout the riding.
After getting to my turn around point, I decided to take some pictures and the bag allowed me easy access without removing from the bike. The was an important key for me. I have had other duffle type bags that mounted to the rear fender, but they always required removal to access the main compartment. This was not the case with the Viking Century Trunk.
Two snaps on the lid and a little loosing of the velcro and the bag opens freely to the 2050 cubic inches of storage capacity.

I plan on buying some pluck foam to line the inside with for carrying camera equipment. On top of it being secured to the bike, it's important to me that the gear inside stays safe. So, on top of it being lockable, I'm pleased to see in addition to the over hanging lid designed, secured with velcro, the bag comes with a water-proof cover. It claims to be 100% waterproof and from my brief testing with a garden hose, I don't have any doubts.

Overall, I love this bag. I really don't have anything negative to say about it. When the bag first arrived, the set of keys were missing from the package, but after contacting the vendor, everything got taken care of.
Product Details:

  • Dimension: 18''x12''x9'' 
  • Capacity: 2050 Cubic Inches 
  • Made of Long-Lasting Viking Leather
  • 100% Water-proof
  • High quality stitching
  • Velcro air tight closure
  • Extra clean appearance to match your motorcycle, seat, saddlebags and riding apparel
  • Smooth and Sleek plain design tail bag
  • Lockable buckles
  • Reinforced body prevents sagging and long lasting wear
  • Body structure remains intact full or bare
  • Top transport handle and detachable shoulder strap included
  • Can be mounted in multiple ways: attaches to sissy bar, rack or atop passenger seat
  • Also includes a comfortable sissy bar strap and two adjustable bungee straps, four durable chromed D-rings and several strap openings
  • Body designed protects personal items from harsh weather and other Hat-box style lid with long sides for protection against weather, grime and other factors
  • Top opening for easy access
  • Two side pockets for smaller items and fast convenient access
  • Internal mesh pocket for extra storage and organization
  • Universal fitting

  • Motorcycle House - New gear coming!

    Have you guys heard of this place? Wow, seriously affordable motorcycle gear and we'll soon find out about its quality. I haven't order motorcycle gear for a while, but have a leather trunk and jacket coming my way that I plan on doing a thorough review on, so stay tuned!

    What type of products would you guys like to see reviewed?

    In the mean time, go check this place out and tell me what you think!

    I haven't disappeared.

    I've had an incredibly busy year, including moving four times, and starting a new business, so this blog has been on the back burner. That being said. I'm still here and riding regularly. 

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