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No such thing as too cold

In all honesty, I don't ride nearly as much as I wish during the winter months. I probably ride less over the winter than I do in a week or two during the summer. But when the roads are clear and have been for a few days, I try to get out an enjoy a ride.

Today I had the chance to get out for a few hours and I was pleasantly surprised at how much warmer I was with my new fairing. In the past I've had a windshield, which helps a lot, but the fairing makes just that much more of a difference.

I knew I would be out for a few hours, so I bundled up with the following:

Feet: Wool socks and tall leather boots
Legs: Thermals, jeans, and leather chaps
Torso: Thermals, fleece shirt, and leather jacket
Head: Bavaclava and full-face helmet
Hands: Gerbing G3 heated gloves

After two and a half hours in 35 degree temps, at various speeds, I was still just fine. The only part of me that was even cold was my feet. I have some engine guard chaps that I should have put on the bike which I'm sure that would have taken care of my feet.
(February 11, 2012)
(December 8, 2011)
(31 degree ride on December 24, 2011)
(February 14, 2010)

(November 14, 2010- Aprox. 10,000 elevation)

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  1. When I went from a Goldwing to the V-Strom I was shocked at how much more clothing was required to stay the same warmth! So far this winter is looking like it will be a looooooooooooong one!