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Risers on a budget

What you'll need:
1. Two 19mm sockets (your choice of how deep. 2.5" deep sockets are shown)
2. Two 3/8" (grade 8) bolts. (The length depends on socket depth. Measure the stock bolts and add the depth of the sockets to determine the correct length)
3. Two 3/8" lock washers
4. Two 3/8" self-locking nuts
5. Red Lock-Tight
Installation instructions:
1. Place towels over your tank and fender to protect them and then remove the chrome caps and loosen the 8mm Allen-head bolts on the top clamp of the risers. Once the upper riser clamp is completely removed, carefully place your bars on the tank.
2. With a 17mm socket (helps if you have an extension), remove the nut directly under each riser on the bottom side of the upper triple tree clamp. After the nut is removed your riser will be off.
3. Remove the 17 mm bolt inside the risers and replace with your 3/8" bolt. With the bolt going through the riser, socket, and the triple tree clamp. Tighten it with the washer going on first and then the Lock-Tight-coated nut. Tighten and put the bars and upper clamp on the same way as they came off.

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