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Hoppe Industries - Quadzilla Fairing

My newest Nomad came with a fairing. When I purchased the bike, I wasn't positive what brand it was but, after a bit more investigating, I've found out that it is a Hoppe Industries Quadzilla fairing.

The Fairing fits the bike perfectly, like OEM equipment, using the same mounts as the windshield it replaces. Mine features four 5-inch, marine grade, chrome speakers that match the loads of chrome I've added to the bike. The stereo is a cheap, Eclipse, 50 x 4-watt stereo that sounds good but tends to skip on bumpy roads. I do plan on replacing it with one that has a USB port when funds allow. I also have 3 shields of different sizes and tints. I currently am using the shortest (5"[?]), solid black shield which looks great and still provides great protection for my 5'8" stature. I also have the solid chrome windshield strip that breaks up the fairing and the shield nicely.

One complaint I have with this fairing is how the inner and outer fairing meet together. Their edges don't match up perfectly and, although it must be close enough for 99% of people out there (Hoppe has won a number of awards for these fairings), I'd like to see them match up perfectly so that a single piece of door edging could seal both edges together.

This fairing package new would cost over $1900, which seems rather steep. I am glad it was already on the bike when I bought it. It was actually the main reason I bought it.

Jared M. Gant


  1. Looks good, Utah! Your set up is exactly what I have in mind for my Nomad... only in a different color. :-) MO

  2. Like your ride. I live in North Ogden and just bought a Vulcan 900 Custom. Maybe I'll see ya around.

  3. If I see you around, how am I gonna know it's you, Mr. Anonymous?

    I owned a vn900 for about 12K miles. LOVE it! They're great bikes for sure. If you ever have any service etc questions, let me know!

    Ride safe!