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Customizing MY Nomad- Part one


While I was shopping for my most recent Nomad I was looking for one that a few specific accessories-mainly a full fairing. My newest Nomad is a 2006 (17,000 miles) with the fallowing accessories already added:

  • Hoppe Industries Quadzilla fairing with chrome package

  • Vance and Hines exhaust

  • Cobra light bar

  • Top and bottom saddlebag rails

  • Some cheapo highway pegs (sold)

  • Mutazu trunk (for sale-make me an offer!)

The day I got the bike home I started to pull the bike apart, order accessories, make modification and catch the bike up on maintenance, which had been somewhat overlooked.

The biggest change I will be making to the bike is painting it. After having a custom paint job, it's difficult to go back to stock paint. After much thought I have decided to got with House of Kolor, Kandy apple red- like my last Nomad- but with some dry metallic flakes mixed into the mid coat. The metallics will give it more pop in direct sunlight.

Accessories I've added or have ordered and have on its way:

  • Harley Davidson king tour pak

  • New front a rear tires

  • 3 piece mustang seat (from previous bike)

  • Ultimate baffles

  • Tubular solo rack

  • New speakers for the fairing

  • Chromed inner engine cover

  • Chromed drive shaft cover

  • Chrome choke nob and other small odds and end

  • Spike axle tips

  • Kuryakyn ISO grips with stiletto tips

  • Custom hidden key

  • Kuryakyn off set highway pegs

  • Kuryakyn turn signal bezels

  • Shock balance kit

  • Garmin gps with ram mount

  • Kuryakyn Voltmeter

  • Throttle flip lever

  • Fuse block

  • Additional driving lights

  • Multiple replacement shields, all different tints and heights

A few more things that I will add soon:

A few things I am looking for:

  • Chrome water pump cover

  • OEM lowers (yep, the previous owner tossed them in the trash....?)
Maintenance I'll be doing soon or have done:

  • Clean and re-gap plugs

  • Lubricate drive shaft and swing arm

  • Correctly wire accessories

  • Final drive oil

  • Clutch fluid

  • Brake fluid

  • New tires


  1. Sounds like a beauty. Post some pics for us to see.

  2. Absolutely! There will definitely be a part two with finished pictures and more details.

  3. Here's a second part. Let me know what you guys think!