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KawaNOW Southwest Rally is a website and forum created by Robert Hilliard “Trip” back in June of 2007. It was created to bring Nomad riders together, hence the name Kawasaki Nomad Owners Worldwide.

Every year there is a rally, alternating between regional rallies and national rallies. This year we had regional rallies. The Southwest Region, including Utah, Colorado, Arizona, New Mexico, Nevada, and California, decided to have their rally in Cortez, Colorado.

Mostly everyone showed up on Sunday afternoon, riding in from varies areas of the southwest, and even some from as far as Pennsylvania and Washington. The first evening was just a chance to relax and get to know everyone. As people were arriving and un-packing their bags, others were chatting and getting to know real names and faces instead of profile names and pictures.

After everyone arrived and was un-packed the group rode down to Blondie’s for dinner. The food was great, but the conversations were even better!
After Blondies, we came back to the hotel and situated chairs in front of our rooms and behind our bikes. It was an ideal location to just shoot the breeze, enjoy some drinks and talk bikes.

The next day, Monday, the group woke up and hit the road at 9:00 am. Destination…Arches National Park. Except for the 2 or 3 miles of construction and gravel that we had to ride through, it was a great 120 miles, through green lush farm country that drastically changed into Utah’s famous slick rock.

Driving through the 40 mile loop in the park we were able to see amazing red rock cliffs and giant panoramic arches. The area seemed so prehistoric and definitely something that everyone should try to see.

After the long ride to and throughout Arches we chowed down on a late lunch at the Moab MicroBrewery and then rode back to Cortez.

Because of the late lunch, the group decided to order a few pizzas late in the evening and just enjoy conversation and drinks.

Tuesday we left at 9:00 am to ride the famous Million Dollar Highway. The road took us through hair-pin twisties, next to 1000 foot drops, past waterfalls, under an avalanche guard, and up past 11,000 feet above sea level. The scenery was jaw dropping and the riding was peg scraping!

Lunch was great in Ridgway at Kate's Cafe. And except for the thousands of bicyclist that we had to dodge in town, the area was beautiful.

We took an alternative route back called Lizard Head Pass. It too was amazing scenery through the Great Rocky Mountains.

The evening ended with a nice dinner at Tequilas, raffle drawings and gifts. All those who attended donated money to a local charity in order to get a raffle ticket. Kawasaki donated several items to be given out as part of the raffle and then donated gift bags. Thanks Kawi!

Wednesday morning several of the riders had to depart early, so only half the group got to enjoy Monument Valley. The ride took us through 4 states, lots of desert, and out to see the incredible rock formations. In the middle of the afternoon a large wind storm blew in and threw dirt everywhere. We didn’t let that stop us from enjoying our ride.

The next morning, those who were left, took off in different directions.
I for one had an amazing time! It was definitely one of my favorite group events and I think everyone else also enjoyed it.
Jared M. Gant

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  1. That was a great ride! I'm so glad I got to meet all the riders there and spend time with them. Thanks for the super right up!