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Quick Action Throttle on a Cruiser

Do you want just a little more umph for basically free? For those familiar with the sport bike and dirt bike scene, a quick action throttle is nothing new. It's essentially a throttle tube with a wider diameter cam. The advantages of this is that the distance that the throttle has to turn to achieve full throttle lock is shorter, giving you a more sensitive throttle and in many cases better throttle control.
There was a lot of talk of a "custom throttle" on the forums and after just a bit of investigating I realized that quick action throttle is what dozens of people were paying someone (claiming it was an original idea) to do to their throttle tube.

Well tinkering as much as I do, I decided I wanted to see what all the hype was. Again, it's not an original idea. It's been done for year, but just not commonly done on a cruiser throttle tube.

What I did is purchase a 1" PVC coupler at Lowes. Only cost me $.34. Cut a end piece off the same width as your throttle cam. With a dremmel, sand it down just a bit to get the size and smooth edges you want and carefully fit it onto the throttle cam. If it fits well, sand it down to the size/diameter you want (larger the more sensitive throttle and make sure your throttle housing has enough room). With just a small amount of epoxy, glue it into place. Once the appoxy has dried, take some 250-400 grit sand paper and smooth it down evenly. Re-install you throttle and go for a ride.

I have found that the throttle is smoother, and less jerky on take off. A great modification, especially when considering the price.

For more ideas, google "Quick Throttle Mod".

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