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A Trip Away From Snow

I have laughed at trailer queens. You know, those who trailer their bikes to Sturgis, or Daytona just to ride them up and down main street. Their trailers tend to have more miles then their bikes. I have even sworn to never trailer my bike, but desperate times call for desperate measures..

Over New Years weekend, after a few long months of winter, I had the opportunity to visit some friends and tour the surrounding areas of Vegas. I didn't want to shame my bike, but seeing it sit in the garage seemed like even more of a shame so, after much consideration, I decided to trailer the bike (snow still on the ground in Utah) and go to Vegas.

With only the weekend to ride, the first day we rode out to Valley of Fire then along the Lake Mead National Recreation Area to Hoover Dam.

The Valley of Fire derives its name from red sandstone formations and sharp rocks that seem to flicker like flames. Around each corner provides a new spectacular view. The history of this state park was also very intriguing. It is located just a few miles off of I-15, north of Vegas. Next time you're in the area with a few hours to spare, I'd highly recommend making the stop.

The Hoover Dam also has a rich history. It's located in the Black Canyon of the Colorado River, on the border between the US states of Arizona and Nevada. It was constructed between 1931 and 1936 during the Great Depression and was dedicated on September 30, 1935 by President Franklin Roosevelt. Its construction was the result of a massive effort involving thousands of workers, and cost over one hundred lives. The dam was controversially named in honor of President Herbert Hoover.

Even as jaw-dropping is the Hoover Dam Bypass. It was completed in 2010 and stretches 2000 feet from one side of the canyon to the other.

The following morning we met up with a M2W group to ride through Death Valley. This ride was hosted by a Vegas local who new the park well and would give us a good, thorough tour. We first rode out to Shoshone, California for breakfast at the Crowbar Cafe and to top off our bikes before entering the park.

After breakfast we hopped on our bikes and rode through the park, stopping at Bad Water (the lowest point in the park), the visitor's center, and at Scotty's Castle.


  1. That looks like a beautiful ride. I have always enjoyed Death Valley and the surrounding area. Over $5 per gallon! Really!

  2. We went to the Valley of Fire 20 years ago, time to go back. Love the red rocks

    Our Gas has been over $5. per gallon for a while, currently $5.11 per gal and it has just gone done the past few days

    Riding the Wet Coast

  3. I liked your dam pictures. Did you take the dam tour or did you just enjoy the dam views on your own?

  4. I was going to take a dam tour, but they were to damn expensive.