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Polishing Motorcycle Parts

I recently purchased a bench buffer and have started to polish miscellaneous aluminum parts on my bike. I have been very happy with the results and look forward to see how well they hold up over time. If they hold up well, I will attempt to polish my front rotors and lower fork tubes.

To polish these parts I first strip off any clear coating that may be present. Afterwards I sand them down, starting with a 1000 grit and finishing with a 2000 grit. Then I buff them on a wheel and finish them off with some mothers metal polish.


  1. My motorcycle part have been completely dark.after reviewing your post i will trying to polish all my rough part.Thanx for this informative post.My site is on Motorcycle Clothing and help me a lot


  2. Those look awesome! I have polished my forks on my previous bike (97 1500 Vulcan Classic - Fat Sally) It was not difficult at all. I started with a little courser sand paper because of the texture Kawasaki manufactured them with. And in around the area where the fender bolts on, the mettle was really rough. I had to us a Dermal with a sanding wheel.

    All said an done, they shined like chrome.

    I just purchased an 06 Nomad (Fat Fanny). Haven't got to her forks yet. Lots of other things to work on first.


    1. Make sure you share some pics with me of the polished forks!