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Fantasy Garage

If you had unlimited funds and could have 7 bikes, one for everyday of the week, what would they be? Please share your dream bikes as a comment at the bottom of the post.

Here is my list, in no particular order. Some even surprised me.

2012 Harley Davidson CVO Road Glide Custom: I absolutely love the looks of the 2012 CVO RG. I think it is the hottest factory bagger on the road.

BMW GS1200: I have a dream of someday taking a cross country trip on dirt roads, only seeing pavement in order to get gas. I don't know a lot about dual sport bikes, but the GS has a great reputation among those Adventure riders.

2012 Kawasaki ZX14R: The new, worlds fastest factory motorcycle, with more than 200+ horse power. This beast would be amazing to take to the track! I'd probably kill myself, but do so with a smile.

MY Kawasaki Vulcan 1600 Nomad: I have had three Nomads and love them. They are not great at one single thing, but they are good at just about everything you could as from a bagger. Coming from the factory with with more bang for your buck than any other cruiser.

Big Bear Chopper Merc: I have no idea why I would want one of these except that they seem intriguing to me. Having never ridden one, and this being MY fantasy garage, I think I'll have one.

Indian Chief Ventage: I really like the looks of the large skirted fenders and look forward to seeing what Victory does with their new ownership of Indian Motorcycles.

Triumph Bonneville Bobber: I would like to buy an old Bonneville and bob/chop it up, so this bike would HAVE to be one I built, otherwise it wouldn't be anything special. I like the looks of this one, but I would have a lot of detailed striping done as well. The Bonneville would be my first choice of bike to bob, but if one wasn't available I'd go with a Sportster.


  1. I think it's pretty cool to see other peoples choices. Everybody's list is so different.

    Mine is here.

  2. Cool choice of bikes there and one of the few I have seen that includes custom bikes. Nice to see someone else with similar tastes to my own.

  3. Nice selection of bikes with a couple of interesting choices.

  4. I like the Big Bear, Triumph, and the Indian!!! Tough to choose from.

  5. The poll results are very surprising to me!

  6. Hey Utah, you have 2 of the same picks as me. I guess great minds think alike huh.

  7. Thats great Jared we share the same exact bikes until the big dog! I would opt for a 145CI 4 horsemen pro street, then an Extasy mfg 350 short block trike