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A free Saturday!

With the weather turning cold and the riding days of 2011 being limited, taking advantage of a free Saturday is a must. The night before, I browsed Facebook and discovered that there was a appreciation event at Timpanogos Harley, which included breakfast, a show, and a ride. After my awesome pancakes, I enjoyed checking out all the custom bikes.

A majority of those who showed up to the event went over a very narrow mountain pass as the group ride. I have been riding long enough that those type of rides aren't fun anymore. So, a friend and I took off in a different direction, going to Camp Floyd and getting our $2 history lesson.

After leaving Camp Floyd we took a scenic route, going along the back side of the Oquirrh mountains, stoping in Ophir and then continued to SLC for lunch with a group of VROC (Vulcan Riders Owners Club) friends.

With a wife going through law school and a 8 month old, free Saturdays seem like they are less and less common. It was nice to be able to ride 175 miles, see some beautiful bikes, and enjoy lunch with a great group of fellow riders.

Jared M. Gant


  1. It's nice that you were able to get out for the day. Beautiful pictures of the bikes. It looks like a pretty good turnout. I remember stopping at Camp Floyd. Is it south off SLC west of a large lake? I used to do a lot of field work in Utah some 30+ years ago...

  2. Yes you are correct about Camp Floyd. I've lived within 30 minute of it for 10 years and this was my first time going out to see it. Very interesting little piece of history.