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New Nomad

As you can read in a previous post, I sold my Nomad. I had no intention to sell it, I never do have intentions to sell my bikes, but the amount offered by the buyer was enough to make it a no-brainer.

Shortly after selling it, I started looking for a new bike. After a bit of searching I decided it was going to be another Nomad. That would be number three! With all the experience with Nomads, I knew exactly what I wanted with this new bike. I wanted a 1600cc, less than 20K miles, fairing, as many other accessories as possible and under a certain price. Price was big issue.

After a few weeks of searching I found a 2006 with under 17K miles, a Hoppe Quadzilla fairing with the audio and chrome package, Vance and Hines dual exhaust, light bar, top and bottom bag rails, a Mutazu trunk, front fender rail, highway pegs, and a few other odds and ends, all at an amazing, amazing price! Only difficult part was that it was in El Paso, Texas.

I had a fellow VROC-er go look the bike over and he gave me a BIG thumbs up. That was all I needed, so I advanced a small amount of money to the seller to have him hold it for me and I bought a one way plane ticket to Texas. After a quick look-over, finding what I had anticipated--a rock-solid bike--I bought it and rode it home. The rest is history and can be read under the "trips" tab.

When all is said and done, I purchased the same bike, with less miles, more accessories, and after all the expenses of flying out to pick it up, I will still have $2K+

My immediate plans for the bike:
-Mustang seat(still have from previous bike)
-Full size, Harley Tour-Pac (already purchased and on it's way)
-Repaint(still undecided which color)
-Chrome inner engine cover (if I can find one or have the stock cover chromed)
-ISO grips with stiletto tips
-Home made stiletto axle tips
-Kuryakyn offset pegs

Jared M. Gant



  1. Nothing likw thw feeling of a new bike!! You have done well out of that deal. Well done.

  2. Anytime someone is able to put a bunch of miles on a bike and sell it at a profit, that is good!