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Riding on the Dark Side

The "Dark Side" is a semi controversial topic among bikers. It is when a rear motorcycle tire is replaced with a car tire. The most common reasons for doing this are cost and durability. A good motorcycle tire is about $180 and on a bigger cruiser it might only last 8,000 miles. A car tire cost $75 and can last 35,000 or more. In May 2009, prior to taking a 6,000 mile trip back east, and after doing a lot of research on the topic, I decided I would give it a try. I purchased a Dunlop SP5000 car tire, which was the most common tire for my motorcycle, and I had it mounted. I have since ridden 16,000 miles on the tire, through all imaginable type roads, and I love it. I have zero regrets and don't plan on leaving the Dark Side anytime soon.

Here are just a few links to information about the Dark Side

If you have any sincere question about the topic, I'd be more than happy to answer them.

UPDATE: 3/26/11- 30,000 miles later I finally wore my first car tire! I still love it and don't see a reason to go back! I just purchased my second Dunlop SP 5000.

I've had several people asking me about slow speed handling. Here's a video I made showing that it's not a problem.

UPDATE: 7/28/14 - My second Dunlop SP 5000 is gone. Lasted about 26,000 miles. I replaced it with a Bridgestone Turanza 195 55r16 because the Dunlop have almost doubled in price. I've had it on the bike now for 5500 miles and it's performing equally as well.

Jared M. Gant


  1. The Darksiders are growing.. I'm a convert! Thanks for your advice.

  2. How's your DS tire holding up, Ken? Have you worn it out yet? Are you still happy with it?

  3. Absolutely AWESOME PAGE! Thank you very much for putting it together! Just had my first CT installed today! Feel like a kid in a candy store!

  4. Thanks Glen for the kind words about the page. I hope you enjoy the CT! After a few weeks, report back and let us all know your impressions.


  5. The orange bike above with the red flames I have a question about the tire you are using because the tread pattern says it's a one wheel tire. Any problems with it?

    I ride a 2007 H-D Road Glide, but have never seen it listed on the spreadsheet that I dl'd from this site maybe 2 years back. Does anyone have a recommmendation for the Roag Glide...It has the 16's front and rear.

    1. The Dunlop SP5000 seems to be the most common and popular. They are available in a 195/60/16 which would probably be the closest to your stock size.

      As far as the orange chopper, I do not know the owner and am unaware if he has experience any problems with that particular tread.

  6. I've been wanting to go ds for awhile. Can anyone point me to a shop that will mount a CT for me?