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Cheap or free mods

1. Rear license plate relocation.
Just move it up over the looks much better and it's a free mod.
2. Grip upgrade.
The hardest part of this upgrade is choosing the adhesive. I used silicone.
(The Kuryakyn grips are my personal favorite.)
3. De-badging.
Another freebie. It just takes a little elbow grease.
(Great sleek look if you have a single tone paint job.)
4. De-baffle the stock exhaust.
This can be complicated but it's well worth the time.
5. Reflector removal.
I was mixed on this one. I was concerned about the safety side of it, but I hardly ride at night so off they came. A definate improvement....especially to the forks.
(I've done this mod and it looks good, but be warned, the reflectors are there for a reason.)
6. Mirrors.
You can't beat the visabilty of the stockers, but a nice billet mirror looks great. You can pick up a nice set from $25-$50 usually. Watch out for plastics. Some mirrors have billet brackets but plastic heads...others have plastic mirror glass.
(You can also just rotate the mirror 180 degrees and it gives it a slightly more sleek and inline look.)
7. Air cleaner cover.
This is a simple mod that really changes things. Just find an "air cleaner insert" for an Evo Harley and install it on top of your cover. I've bought 2 from eBay from around $20.00 each. I also posted a thread on the mod in the cruiser section.
(I never did this but if I still owned the 900, I would have.)
8. License plate frame.
I can't believe how many bikes I see that just have a plate bolted on. A nice chrome frame really adds to the rear of the bike. I picked one up at Wal-Mart.
(I payed $5 for mine)
9. Redneck intake mod
The stock intake is very restrictive. Remove the bock and drill holes behind the filter.
(This was free and provided a huge performance increase!)
10. FIAMM Horn
The stock 900 horn sucks. Upgrade to a Napa Fiamm horn.
(Only cost me $12)

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